The numerous car crashes each year that are resulting in deaths and injuries of young children necessitated the use of another car safety device: baby car seat.

The most common dilemma for most parents is choosing the best baby car seat from all the different kinds that are being sold in the market. The answer to this is: whatever fits in your car snugly, fits the baby comfortable,  and is in your budget is the best baby car seat.

All baby car seats, and for that matter everything that has to do with vehicle safety, must pass. The same federal safety and crash measures. Baby car seats are approved by the government will have the assurance of safety, the standards are set has to be passed by all companies. Needless to say, even the cheapest baby car seat sold in the market has gone through the same crash tests and will protect the children against crashes provided these are properly installed.

Some of these features will only be meaningful if used properly but the car seat must fit the baby first. Extra features are fine but these add up the cost of the car seat. Higher prices do not always mean the seats are better, as there are no “best” car seats.

Once you have picked a baby car seat that you like, the next thing on your list is to read the instruction manual. The most expensive and multiple featured baby car seat will not be of any use if the manual is not read thoroughly as they may have special requirements about fitting and use.

Children that weigh below 20 lbs. should be seated facing the rear of the car. If the child is already one year old and still below the required weight limits the appropriate car seat must be the convertible type but the child still has to be seated facing the rear. They can be fitted to face the front, which could be a good preparation when the child exceeds the weight limit.

Baby-only seats are small portable seats that are normally part of a stroller system. It has 3 to 5 point harnesses and can be used for children up to 22 lbs. The seat allows you to not have to install the seat every time it is used. It normally comes with a detachable bottom for convenience.

Bigger car seats are used for older and bigger children and are forward-facing. Like the baby only car seat, this also comes with a 5 point harness. An added feature is a padded T-Shield that is attached to the shoulder straps and a padded tray like overhead shields that that swing down around the child.

Car seats are all designed to protect the children from any accidents that may happen during the trip. And like safety belt that is attached on the seat of the cars to harness adult passengers, baby car seats provide security to the little ones on board.