It happens more often then you think: a friend, a family member, someone close to you has a baby and you have no idea what to give them. You feel guilty, you fish around for the usual gifts: the shoes, the mobiles, the picture books. You wish there was something you could give that would show how happy you are for the parents of that little bundle, and this is where a baby name bracelet will help you end that tedious search.

Once you’ve found out what the parent or parents have planned to name their newborn baby, a personalized, handmade bracelet can be a thoughtful, beautiful gift. A bracelet with the baby’s name will live on long past the child’s infancy and can serve as a keepsake for which to add to a parent’s treasure chest of birth certificates, first teeth, and priceless photos. And the best part about a gift like this is that it can vary in price, depending on how much you want to spend, or how close you are to the parents. Whether or not you want to spend a nice bit on a gold bracelet, one engraved in silver, or one festooned with pearls and other gems, the market will offer a wide variety of prices that will suit the gift giver any way they see fit.

The clasp of it is best fashioned with hearts, or boots, or other such charms that could make complete the gift you wish to give with an emblem significant to little one’s life. As a parent, what could be more precious than a gift which will live on as a commemoration of the birth of their child, long after that child has grown into adulthood. A further attraction given to many baby bracelets is the inclusion of the baby’s birthstone within the circumference of the bracelet, which, along with the engraved name, personalize the gift that much more. With the beautiful gemstones of emerald, sapphire, amethyst, or ruby, added to blocks of the engraved mother of pearl spelling out the child’s name, you can create a personal and memorable gift.

You may even wish to create a beautiful distinction through the blending of gold and silver designs, or the interlacing of different gems within the baby bracelet’s pattern to create a truly unique and aesthetically pleasing gift that will delight the family who receives it for years to come. You can allow yourself to be creative, or let one the various dealers of these gifts be creative for you, and in either case, achieve something different and special at a reasonable cost. Add a charm or two of a Christian cross, or some other icon symbolic of the newborn in question you wish to express, and you’ve already added to the complexity and meaning of what at first seemed a simple gift. It truly is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving, and a baby bracelet is one of the easiest and most touching ways to show a family just how excited you are about their newest addition.